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Seasons in the Son
Days of transition...the time in between one thing and another.

We find ourselves in one season, but we know it is not going to last and we begin to see the new season on the horizon.

Tulips, Jonquils and Narcissus give way to apple blossoms and the promise of apples come Autumn.  In between is the growing season:  Summer.

Our individual lives are like that too.  Summer is the time for fun, relaxation and vacations.

When school is out, children play.  Some children run, some play soccer or volleyball or baseball.  Some children are in marching band and participate in parades and contests. 

Some children read; they go to the library with a goal to read a certain number of books during vacation.  Many children will do nothing but play electronic games all Summer.

Adults play too, but in different ways.  Backyard BBQ's, Picnics, Softball games, Golf, and Fishing are adult play times.  And, usually, family vacations take place when the weather turn's warm.  

We are in a time of transition in America.  It is an election year and emotions are running wild.  Accusations and condemnation flow like water.  It seems that no one can come into agreement about anything.    

​It appears that trouble looms ahead.  There are signs of war and rumors of war.  Everyone has an opinion.  It truly is a time when everyone "does what is right in his own eyes."

Yet, Americans go on with their lives as if nothing will change, that everything will be the same as it has always been.

Transition is painful, it hurts.  There is division in families as no one wants to bring up the subject of politics for fear of causing a fight or a rift.  No one will discuss faith for the same reason.  Families are divided.

Truth has fallen in the street.  The media is not telling it like it is, they too are blind to reality.  The old time reporters are all gone.  Their time on the world stage ended and a new group of players in on.  

I have often thought:  "I wonder what my grandmother would think of today's world."  She lived during a time of "God, Mother and Country."  It was a time when everyone pitched in and helped their neighbors.  Now, we hardly even know our neighbors.

The world is transitioning into a New World Order.  Oh by the way, it is not because we want to.  Humans, for the most part don't like change, but, there are certain powers who want this to happen.  The plan has been in place a long time and they believe the time is near for it to be implemented. 

Fasten your seat belt, the ride is going to get rough!  

Jesus, thank you for keeping your children, we draw near to you.
God is Love